Chicken in Clerkenwell

It has been a long time since we posted an OGC meeting, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening. Since Oxford, we’ve played Islington and Borough, and I know of other matches played in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Stuttgart, New Haven, and Santa Cruz. Which just goes to show you can’t keep a good chicken (cow, easter bunny, etc) down.

Last night we stuck close to home. I love Clerkenwell. I can’t imagine living anywhere else in London, and so these were the bounds of play:




We convened at the Exmouth Arms at 6pm, and after some dilly dallying and drinking, we drew teams. Poppy, long covetou of being the chicken, finally succeeded, viz.,


And the obligatory chicken selfie (chelfie?)…


Four teams set off in search of the chicken. My team (which included Rob, Bianca, and Sebastian) set off south from Exmouth Market, but quickly turned east, thinking that a small woman in a chicken costume would be most likely to keep to busier roads. After a failed attempt to check for her at the Peasant (it was closed for a private function) we made our way to the Dovetail in Jerusalem Passage (since we all know how Poppy loves the Modern Pantry). Our plan after that was to check the pubs near Clerkenwell Green, but before that we made a remarkable discovery on the Twitter:


To quote Fitzwilliam Darcy: “You may imagine what I felt and how I acted.” Which is to say we downed our Belgian beers at double speed and headed to a pub named after David Copperfield’s great aunt. It took about 90 minutes for everyone else to join us, which did not go unnoticed by our Twitter tipster:


The only downside (other than the fact that we invaded a rather quiet pub with a bunch of rather loud and celebratory people) was that the kitchen closed before Andrew’s team arrived, which resulted in his making this face…


But, on the plus side, the Trottwood had very pretty origami cranes hanging from the ceiling and casting their avian shadows over our celebration.



Next up: Cambridge, the City, or the King’s Road. Obviously also Spokane at some point.