The Rules

It’s important to be on time for the most amazing of geographical drinking games. Play will commence precisely 30 minutes after the advertised start time. Punishment for late arrival includes heavy drinking fines–including shoeing. Three general drinking game rules apply (don’t be an idiot, don’t be a jerk, don’t die). The OGC-specific rules are…

The rules, for the uninitiated:

1) Everyone puts £20 in a pot.

2) People draw names out of a hat to form teams. The last name in the hat dons a giant chicken costume. The fine for declining the honour of being chicken is a jägerbomb.

3) The chicken gets the pot of money, buys the assembled teams a drink, and goes to secure itself in a pub or bar within the pre-determined boundaries of play. The chicken may not choose a venue with an entry fee or whose primary purpose is to serve food.

4) All the teams depart the starting pub in search for the chicken simultaneously, after everyone has finished his or her first drink.

5) The chicken drinks through the pot of money. If asked why he or she is wearing a chicken costume, the only acceptable answer is “what chicken costume?”.

6) The teams go in search of the chicken. If a team checks a pub that doesn’t house the chicken, they can’t move on until everyone in the team has had a drink. Peering through windows counts as checking a pub.

7) When a team finds the chicken, they get to join in drinking through the pot of money.

8) The chicken can choose to post clues to Facebook at any point. 30 minutes after the penultimate team has found the chicken, a clue should be posted.

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